Dean Winchester has a face that is proportionate to his body. His forehead is high, and his nose is slightly long and curved. His eyes are wide and set close together, giving him a shrewd look. His mouth is small but full-lipped, with a strong chin. He has a broad chest and muscular arms. Dean's body is fit but not overly muscular; he looks like he could take on the world if need be.

Where do you place the eyes in relation to the nose and mouth?

When drawing Dean Winchester, it is important to place the eyes in relation to the nose and mouth. The eyes should be placed slightly below the nose and slightly above the mouth. Additionally, make sure that the pupils are large and visible. Finally, make sure that the eyebrows are drawn neatly and evenly across the forehead.

What is the shape of Dean Winchester's jawline?

Dean Winchester's jawline is angular and strong. His chin is prominent, and his mouth is wide open in a perpetual "O" shape. The lines around his eyes are deep and dark, giving him an intense look. He has a long nose with a pronounced bridge, and thin lips that curve up at the ends. His hair is short and spiky, usually styled in a messy bun on top of his head.

How wide is Dean Winchester's mouth?

Dean Winchester's mouth is about the same width as his eyes.

Where do you place his hairline in relation to his eyebrows?

Dean Winchester's hairline is located slightly above his eyebrows.

What is the length and thickness of Dean Winchester's eyelashes?

Dean Winchester's eyelashes are about an inch long and a quarter of an inch thick.

What is the shape of Dean Winchester's pupils?

Dean Winchester's pupils are typically round and relatively large in size. They may also be slightly dilated, indicating that he is concentrating on something. The color of Dean Winchester's pupils can vary depending on the light source, but they are usually a dark brown or black.

What color are Dean Winchester's eyes?

Dean Winchester's eyes are blue.

How thick are his eyebrows?

Dean Winchester is known for his thick eyebrows. They are usually quite dark, but can sometimes be lighter in color. He also has a fairly wide nose which gives him a distinguished look. Overall, Dean's facial features are generally well-defined and easy to draw.

What color is his hair?

Dean Winchester's hair is a light brown.

Does he have any facial scars or other distinguishing marks?

Dean Winchester is a character on the television series "Supernatural". He is portrayed by Jensen Ackles. Dean is a hunter and brother of Sam Winchester. He has appeared in every season of the show, with the exception of Season 8 due to Ackles' departure from the show.

Dean has no facial scars or other distinguishing marks that are readily apparent. However, he does have several minor injuries and scars that he has acquired over the course of his career as a hunter. These include a bullet wound to his shoulder that left him with a permanent scar, and numerous cuts and bruises from various battles he's been involved in. In addition, Dean also has a few tattoos - one on his left arm commemorating Bobby Singer (his mentor), another on his right forearm representing both himself and Sam together as hunters, and finally an angelic symbol on his chest given to him by Castiel after saving his life once.

What kind of expression do you want to give him in your drawing?

In this guide, we will show you how to draw Dean Winchester from the popular TV series "Supernatural". As a fan of the show myself, I can tell you that there are a lot of different expressions that Dean can give. So it's up to you as the artist to decide which one you want to use in your drawing. Here are some tips on how to achieve each expression:

  1. The first thing you'll need is a good understanding of Dean's facial features. In order to create his expressions, pay close attention to the shape and position of his eyes, nose, mouth and chin. Once you have a good understanding of these areas, it'll be much easier for you to create realistic looking drawings.
  2. Next, add in some shading and highlights around Dean's face using soft pencils or brushes. This will help bring out the details in his skin and hair follicles.
  3. Finally, add in any accessories or clothing that he might be wearing at the time of your drawing (if applicable). For example, if you're drawing him at home watching TV with his family then maybe he'd be wearing pajama pants and an old t-shirt.

Which side does Dean part his hair on, and how does it fall over his forehead?

Dean Winchester has a neatly trimmed side-parted hair that falls over his forehead in a way that seems natural. He often wears it styled in a messy bun or pushed back off his forehead with an elastic band. When he's not working, Dean likes to relax and let his hair down.