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What is a spore?

A spore is a tiny, often one-celled organism that can grow into a plant or animal. Spores are produced by many kinds of plants and animals, including mosses, ferns, fungi, and bacteria. Some algae also produce spores. Many spores are so small that they ca...

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What is a Lathem time clock?

A Lathem time clock is a device used to track the hours worked by employees. It is typically used in businesses with hourly workers, such as factories, warehouses, and retail stores. The clock records the time each employee starts and ends their shift, as...

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How do I change my character in GTA?

In the Grand Theft Auto series, you can choose to play as one of a selection of protagonists. You can switch between these characters at any time while playing the game. In order to change your character in GTA 5, press the start button on your controller...

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