There are a few ways to change your WhatsApp keyboard language. You can either use the settings menu on your phone, or go to the app’s main screen and tap on the “Keyboard” option.Once you have accessed the Keyboard settings, you will see a list of languages available to switch to. To change your language, just select it from the list and hit OK.WhatsApp also offers an easy way for users to change their keyboard layout without having to go through any menus or settings. Simply open the app and press on one of the keys in the top left corner of your screen (the one with three lines). This will open up a new keyboard with different layouts pre-loaded. So if you want to switch back to your original layout, just press on any other key in that same location.-To change your default keyboard language:1) Open WhatsApp and tap on "Keyboard" at bottom right2) Tap "Default Language"3) Select desired language4) Tap "OK"5) Enjoy!For more information about changing WhatsApp's various features, please visit our FAQ section here: do I add an additional keyboard?If you need access to another keyboard while using WhatsApp, there is an easy way to add it as a custom input method:1) Open WhatsApp and tap on "Keyboard" at bottom right2) Tap "Add New Keyboard"3) Enter name for new keyboard (e.g., French), choose language(s), and hit "Create".4) If necessary, adjust settings for new keyboard (e.g., number of keys).5) When done, tap on "Done."6) Enjoy!For more information about adding keyboards as custom inputs methods in WhatsApp, please visit our FAQ section here: is Voice typing?Voice typing is a feature that allows you to type by voice instead of using physical buttons on your device's touchscreen interface.(Note: Some devices may not support voice typing.)When you enable voice typing in WhatsApp, all text entered into chat windows will be automatically typed into Facebook Messenger as well – no need for separate messages between these two apps!Just start talking – when prompted by Voice Typing -and let WhatsApp take care of everything else; it'll convert what you say into text so that people can easily understand what you're saying even if they don't have Facebook Messenger installed or don't know howto type text by voice.– To enable voice typing in WhatsApp1) Open WhatsApp2) Tap on 'Settings' icon3] Under 'General', find 'Voice Typing'4] Enable it by tapping 'On'5] Talk & Type!Now when someone sends you a message via Facebook Messenger – even if they don't have Voice Typing enabled themselves – they'll get sent straight into Chat mode where they can start chatting with whomever they were originally messaging without having first hadto enter their username or password.– To disable voice typing1) Open Settings2> General> Voice Typing3> Disable itby tappingonIt's important to note that this feature works best when both parties are using versions of Facebook Messenger that support it; otherwise some parts of conversations might not be translated properly.– For more information about enabling & disabling Voice Typing in different apps check out our blog post here: do I hide my contact names from my contacts list?You can hide certain contact details from appearing directly within your contacts list by following these steps:- In Whatsapp Settings > Contacts > Hide Contact Names:- Toggle each contact name ON/OFF individually so that only their profile photo remains visible.

How can I change the WhatsApp keyboard language on my iPhone?

If you're looking to change the language on your WhatsApp keyboard, there are a few different ways to go about it. You can either use the built-in settings menu or use an app like KeyboardLite. Either way, we'll walk you through each method so that you can get started changing your keyboard language on iPhone in no time!1) Open up the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on General.2) Under Keyboard, select Language & Region.3) On the next screen, scroll down until you see "WhatsApp" and tap on it.4) In the "WhatsApp" section of the General tab, under Keyboard Languages, select a new language from the list (we recommend using English (US), Spanish (Mexico), French (Canada), German (Germany), Italian (Italy), or Dutch).5) Once you've selected a new language, press OK to save your changes and close out of the Settings app.6) If you want to keep using English as your default keyboard language for WhatsApp but want to switch between languages when messaging with friends who speak other languages, simply open up WhatsApp and tap on the three lines in the top left corner of the main screen. This will bring up a list of available languages; select one and then send/receive messages in that language without having to change anything else on your phone!7) If you'd rather not use any third-party apps or prefer to do everything manually, there's also an option to change keyboard languages within WhatsApp itself - just type out a message in your chosen language and press Enter once it's finished typing.8 ) Finally, if all else fails and you still can't seem to get your desired keyboard language working properly within WhatsApp - don't worry! There are plenty of other great options available for iOS users when it comes to text input methods such as SwiftKey or Swype .

How to change keyboard language in WhatsApp on Android?

1. Open WhatsApp and tap on the three lines in the top left corner2. Select Settings3. Under "General"4. Tap on "Keyboard"5. On the next screen, you will see a list of languages6. Tap on the language you want to use7. Type in your desired text8. Click on the "Done" button9.

Is it possible to change whatsapp keyboard language?

Yes, you can change the language of your WhatsApp keyboard. Here's how:1. Open WhatsApp and tap on the three lines in the top left corner2. Select Settings3. Under 'Keyboard'4. Tap on 'Language'.5. Select a new language from the list and hit OK6. Type your message in that language7. Hit Send8. Enjoy!If you want to revert back to English, just repeat steps 1-7 in reverse order:1) Open WhatsApp and tap on the three lines in the top left corner2) Select Settings3) Under 'Keyboard'4) Tap on 'Language'5) Unselect a language from the list and hit OK6) Type your message in English7) Hit Send8) Enjoy!Please note that this feature is not available for Android versions prior to 2.18 or iOS versions prior to 11 beta 4."How to change whatsapp keyboard language" was originally published by HowToGeek on Nov 12, 2017

WhatsApp is one of those apps that has been around for years now, but it still manages to keep up with modern trends and features without ever feeling dated or old fashioned – which is something we really appreciate about it! One thing that’s always been popular among users of WhatsApp is its ability to switch between different languages easily – so if you’re someone who likes using different languages when chatting with friends then this guide will be perfect for you!

First things first – open up WhatsApp and head over to its settings menu (three lines at the top left corner). Once there, scroll down until you see ‘Keyboard’ and click on it. From here, you’ll need to select ‘Language’ before clicking on ‘Change Language’ located below it (see screenshot above).

Now that we have our Language selection screen open, we can start selecting which language we want our keyboard to use – as shown in the screenshot below (you can see there are currently 3 options available; English, Spanish (Mexico), German).

How do you change your keyboard back to English on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp keyboard language can be changed by going to Settings > General > Keyboard and tapping on the Language option.To change your keyboard back to English, tap on the English (United States) flag.Alternatively, you can go to WhatsApp’s main menu (three lines in the top left corner of your screen), select Settings, and then tap on General. On the General settings page, under Keyboard, you will see a Language option. Tap on it and select English (United States).

How can I restore my default keyboard on WhatsApp?

How to change the keyboard language on WhatsApp?How to change the keyboard language on your phone?How to change the keyboard language in WhatsApp?What's the default keyboard language for WhatsApp?WhatsApp Keyboard Language Change Guide.If you're looking for a way to change your default messaging app's keyboard language, then this guide is perfect for you! In this article, we'll show you how to switch between different languages on WhatsApp and also explain what each option means. Here's everything you need to know:First of all, if you don't have a specific langauge in mind when composing a message, then it's best not to bother changing the keyboard - just use whatever defaults your device has set up. However, if you want to type in a different language than English (or any other supported tongue), then follow these simple steps:1) Open WhatsApp and click on the three lines at the top left corner of your screen2) Select Settings3) Under General settings, select Keyboard4) On the next page, under Languages & input methods, scroll down until you see 'Keyboard'5) Click on it6) Select one of the options below7) Click on Save changes8 ) To return back to normal messaging mode, simply close out of Settings and open up Whatsapp againOnce you've made these changes, messages will be composed using whichever text entry method is selected in Keyboard settings - so long as that choice is compatible with the message content. If not (for example if trying to enter Japanese characters into an English-language chat), then an error will be displayed instead.

Why is my WhatsApp keyboard not working?

WhatsApp is a messaging app with over 1 billion active users. As such, it's one of the most popular and widely used messaging apps on the planet. However, like all apps, WhatsApp has its own quirks that can sometimes be difficult to understand or work around. This guide will help you change your WhatsApp keyboard language so that you can type in whatever language you want without having to switch between keyboards every time!

How to Change Your WhatsApp Keyboard Language:

  1. Open up WhatsApp and click on the "Keyboard" icon located in the top-right corner of your screen.
  2. On the Keyboard screen, you'll see three tabs at the top: "Text," "Advanced," and "Languages." Click on "Languages" to open up the Languages menu.
  3. Underneath "Language Options," you'll see a list of languages available for use in WhatsApp. Select the language that you want to use from this list and then click on the "Set as Default" button below it. (Note: If there are multiple languages available for use in WhatsApp, only one of them will be selected as your default.)
  4. Once you've selected your desired language, hit the back button on your keyboard to return to your message window.

My whatsapp stuck in a different language how to fix it?

If you are using WhatsApp on your phone and it is stuck in a different language, there are a few things that you can do to try and fix the issue.

  1. First, make sure that your phone is updated to the latest version of the app. This will ensure that all of the latest features and bug fixes are included.
  2. If changing languages doesn’t work, try restarting your phone or deleting and reinstalling the app.
  3. If none of these solutions work, please reach out to our support team for more help! They may be able to reset your settings or give you some other tips on how to fix the issue.