This guide will show you how to change your account in Smite, no matter what platform you're playing on.First things first: make sure that you have an account with a valid email address and password. You can create an account here if you don't already have one.Once you've got your accounts set up, follow these steps to change them:1) Log into the game client and click on the "Account" button in the top left corner2) On the next screen, click on the "Change Account" link3) Enter your new login information and hit "Submit"4) Congratulations! Your new account is now live in Smite!If you ever need to reset your password or update your contact information, just head back over to this page and follow those steps again. Changing accounts is a great way to keep track of different characters or switch between teams without having to re-download the game or leave it open in another window while you do it.

How to I switch between multiple accounts in Smite?

There are a few ways to switch between multiple accounts in Smite. The first way is to use the character select screen. To do this, press the left analog stick up and then choose your desired character. Once you’ve selected your character, hold down the L button and press X to open the console. Then type “changeaccount” followed by your desired account name. The second way is to use the in-game menu. To do this, go to the main menu and select Options. Under Gameplay, click on Accounts and then select Change Account. The third way is to use a keyboard shortcut. To change accounts using a keyboard shortcut, press CTRL + ALT + DIGITAL KEY (or CMD + ALT + DIGITAL KEY on PC). Finally, you can also change accounts using an online tool such as ChangeMyAccounts or MySmite account manager.

What account management options are available in Smite?

There are a few different ways to manage your Smite accounts, depending on what you want to do.

  1. Log in to the game and go to the "Account" tab in the main menu. Here, you can see all of your active and inactive accounts, as well as any linked accounts.
  2. You can also access account management from the "Options" menu in-game. This will take you to a screen where you can change your password, delete an account, or add an account to your friend list.

Can I delete an account in Smite?

Yes, you can delete an account in Smite. To do this, go to the Account menu in the game and select Delete Account. You will be asked to confirm your decision before the account is deleted.

How do I transfer data between two accounts in Smite?

If you want to switch between two accounts on Smite, there are a few different ways to go about it.

The first way is to use the in-game client. From the main menu, select "Options" and then "Accounts." On the Accounts page, click on the name of the account you want to switch to and enter your login information. Click "Log In" and you'll be transferred to that account's profile page.

The second way is to use a third-party tool. There are several options available online, but our favorite is Simply sign in with your existing Smite account and click on "Accounts." On the Accounts page, under "Your Account," click on "Change Account." Enter your new login information and click "Submit.

What happens if I forget my password for my Smite account?

If you forget your password for your Smite account, you can reset it by going to the "My Account" page on the game's website and clicking on the "Forgot Password" link. After entering your email address and choosing a new password, you'll be able to log in to your account again.If you have forgotten your username as well, you can find it under "Your Profile" on the My Account page. Simply enter your email address and hit the "Find Username" button. Once found, click on the link next to that username and enter your new password to confirm it. If everything goes according to plan, you will now be able to play Smite with that account!Can I change my name or gender in Smite?Yes - both of these changes are available through My Account on the game's website. Simply go to "Your Profile" and enter your email address into the field at the top of the page. Next, hit "Edit Details." On this page, you'll be able to change both your name and gender (if applicable).Once made changes are complete, simply hit "Submit Changes" at the bottom of this page and then login again using those new details!Is there a way I can keep track of my progress in matches while I'm away from my computer?Yes - all matches played in Smite are recorded automatically so that if you ever lose access to your computer or quit playing for any other reason, you can still view all of your previous matches by going back onto My Account and clicking on History from within each individual match window.Do I need an Xbox Live Gold membership in order for me to play Smite?No - players who own an Xbox One console don't need an Xbox Live Gold membership in order to play Smite online multiplayer games like this one. However, if you want access to some exclusive features that only Gold members enjoy (like private lobbies), then subscribing is definitely worth it!How do I get started playing Smite?First thing's first: make sure that you have downloaded and installed Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update (version 1703) or later onto your PC. Then download and install Steam , which is a free software application designed for gaming purposes.After installing Steam , open it up by clicking on its icon on Your Desktop . Once open, click on Games inside its main menu bar . Finally, select SMITE from its list of games displayed therein.(If Windows 10 was upgraded from earlier versions of Windows without losing any files or settings related thereto - such as personal files - then SMITE may not appear among Games inside Steam right away; just wait a few minutes until Steam updates itself.)Now we're ready to start playing! First off, make sure that either yourself or someone else has created a character profile foryouself before proceeding further down below.(Note: If someone else has already created a profile foryou when starting out playing SMITE online multiplayer games like this one via Steam , then following these steps won't do anything except waste time.)To create a character profile for yourself:1) Log into steam2) In steam's main menu bar , click Library3) Inside Library , double-click ONLINE PLAYERS4) Under ONLINE PLAYERS heading located near top-left corner of screen5) Click Create New Player...6) Enter desired username (for example: JohnDoe123 )7) Select Region North America (US/Canada), Europe (UK/Ireland), Asia Pacific (Australia & New Zealand), South America8 ) Make sure Gender is set as Male9 ) Hit Create Character...10 ) Accept End User License Agreement11 ) You're done!Now log out of steamand log back into steamto continue where we left off above.(If someone else has already created a character profile foryou when starting out playing SMITE online multiplayer games like this one via Steam , then following these steps won't do anything except waste time.

  1. Log into your account on the Smite website.
  2. Click the "Account" link in the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Select "Link an existing account."
  4. Enter your login information for your old account and click "Link."
  5. Congratulations, you've linked your accounts! You can now play with your new character on any server that you're registered on.

So i accidentally made 2 smite accs can i combine them ?

There is no way to combine two accounts in SMITE. If you accidentally made two accounts, the best course of action is to delete one of them and create a new account.

How many accounts can you have on smite?

In order to play Smite, you need an account. You can have one account for your main character and up to three additional accounts for other characters on your team. Additional accounts must be created through the game’s Account Creation process. Additionally, any unplayed games or content on old accounts will be lost upon closure of that account. For more information about how to create and manage your Smite accounts, please see our Account Management Guide.

Is it possible to play with friends who are on different platforms than me such as PS4 or Xbox One?

Yes, it is possible to play with friends who are on different platforms than you such as PS4 or Xbox One. You can either use the cross-platform features of the game or use separate accounts for each platform. If you want to use the cross-platform features, make sure that your friends have Smite installed on their respective platforms and then join a party together. If you want to use separate accounts, make sure that you sign in with your primary account and then create additional accounts for your friends.

Will my progress and skins carry over if i play on console instead of PC ?

This is a question that has been asked many times by players who are transitioning from PC to console. The answer to this question depends on the specific game and platform you are playing on. Generally, however, your progress and skins will carry over if you play on the same account on both platforms. If you want to make sure your progress isn't lost when transferring between platforms, it is always best to back up your save files before making any changes.