How To Clean

How do I clean tieks smell?

If your tieks smell bad, there are a few things you can do to try and clean them. Remove any dirt or debris that may be on the shoes. Pour some white vinegar into a bowl and add enough water to make a slurry. Soak the shoes in the mixture for about 30 m...

How To Clean

How do you clean a thrift store hat?

Thrift store hats can be a little dusty and dirty, so it's important to clean them properly. Here are four easy steps to cleaning a thrift store hat: Remove the hat from the head. Wet the hat with water and wring out the excess. Apply a mild soap solut...

How To Change

How do I change my FOV in CS:GO?

There are a few ways to change your FOV in CS:GO. The easiest way is to open the console and type cl_fov 90. This will set your FOV to 90 degrees. You can also use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out of the game, or you can use the keyboard shortcuts ctrl +...

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